Knee Pain

Is your knee stopping you from doing what you love? It is preventing you from truly living? Knee pain affects almost everyone at some point in life. For some people, knee pain is debilitating and completely flips their life upside down. The pain halts their life and places a massive roadblock in everyday living. For others, it is this annoying sensation that seems to linger and place restrictions on their ability to do the things they love.

Problems in the knee are sometimes complex in their origin and can be derived by direct trauma or muscle imbalances.

When injuries arise from direct trauma, you will most likely feel pain instantly. You see this mostly in sporting injuries which result in ligament sprains, tears or ruptures. Others feel as though the pain is a slow process and have no recollection of injury.

How does knee pain start?

Sometimes, small simple muscle imbalances in the knee can lead to long term issues including muscle changes, tendon injuries, biomechanical changes of the joint and even degeneration of the joint itself. Other times it takes a big traumatic force to cause serious injury to the knee and pain is usually felt instantaneously.

The knee is the halfway point between the body and the feet. It has a major influence on both the torso and the foot, and vice versa. In fact, some knee problems start from problems in the feet.

How can we help you?

For how simple the knee seems, it is infinitely complex when it is injured. A thorough assessment is required in order to isolate the cause of the pain.At Fully Activated we take an integrative approach to getting you back to doing the things you love. We incorporate all aspects of knee dysfunction into your assessment including biomechanical, neurological and structural. We will develop a specific program for your unique knee pain and make sure it is personalised to you.

Knee Pain

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